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Acid Bunny 2

Acid Bunny 2 - Rangers Rabbit Adventure Part II, in a peaceful forest, small animals are to live happily. Suddenly one day a mother rabbit infected with plague, rabbit mother began a personality change, began daily smoking, drinking, medication. Rabbits infected mother gave birth to a litter of baby rabbits, but these baby rabbits are infected, they began to grow after the destruction of forests, killing other small animals, only one of a healthy rabbit, in order to compensate for the mother guilty the error, and began the great adventure to save the forests. ← → arrow keys to control movement, ↑ key to jump (can Erlian jump), ↓ key to get on the ground, A key to throwing turnips / start, S key to grab balloons, P to pause. Tip: To start Wangyoubianzou Oh, do not stay in playing volleyball page. Du suchst ein Acid Bunny 2  Hier ist es Versuch es gleich und spiel  Acid Bunny 2 kostenlos auf

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