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Go Repo

Go Repo - This is a debt collection teams, a look at their dress to know. Every day they have to go around the van drove debt, but not all can lend out the money back, so they thought of a weird, but also for people who have money, they have to break the door all the valuables to move the light to debt. Game you are in debt a squad, now you do it launched a large debt AD / ← → keys to control character movement, W / ↑ keys to control the jump, N key to pick up items / throw items, M button down items, the S key down the stairs. In the initial position can be selected according to the number keys 123 characters, different roles can pick up objects of different weights Oh! Note: The items thrown on the left side of the car can get money, money reaches the specified clearance. Du suchst ein Go Repo  Hier ist es Versuch es gleich und spiel  Go Repo kostenlos auf spielenspiele.net

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