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Help Me Fly - As the saying goes do not want to tailor a pilot not a good cook, because everyone has a dream, so the world was full of imagination! Toy airplanes small, but also has big dreams, it wants to soar in the sky, enjoying the sun and wind and rain baptism, but it is now out of power, can only afford to lay on the floor, which can be bad, moving hands and dragged moving wires connecting the battery to the aircraft, let us work together to realize their dreams for the small aircraft it! Use the mouse to click and drag the game rotating wire, connect the battery and aircraft, then click FLY give takeoff. Tip: There are only 30 games off, oh, want to play the more points you can download mobile version play Oh! Du suchst ein Help Me Fly  Hier ist es Versuch es gleich und spiel  Help Me Fly kostenlos auf

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