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Ironcalypse - Bad, big eyes in the construction of the robot base is a burst of gamma planet sudden rain ruined meteorite, meteorite seeing this more and more momentum no corpuscles, the consequences would be disastrous if the smashed, the headquarters ordered that these robot quickly evacuated, have fled sit spaceships, robots Xiaoben usually not very good on this critical moment it arrived in the spacecraft to escape it Keyboard W / ↑ key to jump, double W / ↑ key Erlian jump, S / ↓ keys to decline in the air by S / ↓ keys to quickly drop, the number keys 1-7 to use the skills, the spacebar to pause / call up the main menu. Tip: After clearance at checkpoints interface, mouse clicks into the bottom left corner of the store can be upgraded SHOP role attributes and skills, oh. Du suchst ein Ironcalypse  Hier ist es Versuch es gleich und spiel  Ironcalypse kostenlos auf

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